Our History

Our History

As a registered non profitable organisation (NPO – registered in 2014) and a community project within the Rocklands, Mitchells Plain Cape Town community, Rock’a’fellas Football Club was historically establish in 1996.


We are a proud football club based in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, South Africa who has been affiliate of SAFA since then. The Club was established in 1994 and played Sunday league (Local) and had 1 senior and 2 junior teams.

In 1996, we joined Rocklands Football Association district and was officially affiliated to “SAFA CAPE TOWN”. In 1997 & 1998 our senior team was awarded team of year and was promoted to the SAFA inter district champions league in 1999.

The Clubs milestone was in 2007, being losing finalist in the 2007 SAFA Coke Cup (equivalent of champions league – locally). Since 1996, Rock’a’fella’s has become a reckon force within the local football industry in the Mitchell Plain area as well as in Cape Town and has been and are still one of the most successful clubs within the SAFA Cape Town region.

Rock’a’fellas FC was formed by members and soccer lovers of the community, in due cause to develop youth into sports celebs, role models and improve their humanity skills.

In doing so, we’ve thought them about leadership skills, focusing on their aims and means in life and most importantly teaching them about worshiping our most precious “GOD /ALLAH” and his only begotten son “JESUS”. The township areas of Cape Town are well known for their drug related issues, gangsterism, etc of which there is an urgent need to address these problems.

As a project and responsible members within the community and other vicinities, we have taken this upon ourselves in helping these youngsters by involving them in sport activities which will surely lead to a successful lifestyle in the near future.

Today we are affiliated to the Mitchells plain local Football Association (SAFA-MPLFA) & Mitchells Plain Netball Union (MPNU) - (all Mitchells plain sub districts merged in 2006).


7 junior teams & 3 senior teams.
(U/8 ;U/10 ; U/12 ; U/14 ; U/16 ; U/18;U/19
Super league Team
2nd Team
& O/35).



5 Junior teams
& 1 Senior team
(U/9; U/11;U/13;U/15;U/17
+ 1 S/Team).